It is not unusual for users to have problems configuring their brand-new Canon Printer. Therefore, you can follow this page to effortlessly set up the printer by adhering to the step-by-step instructions. Furthermore, users can visit the website ij.start.cannon to learn more about how your Canon printers work. Canon is the printing solution of today, and they offer multi-faceted functionality. Moreover, they offer compatibility with the Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. Thus, demonstrating their adaptability and modern usage. Thanks to their top quality, you can print quickly, more effectively, and with high quality.

Setting up a Canon printer is not like rock climbing. Furthermore, even if you are not that tech-savvy, you can set up the printer easily. Although, users occasionally do struggle to locate a trustworthy source to download the software and Canon printer drivers. Therefore, they can use the ij.start.cannon. Both the Canon Printer Drivers and the Canon Printer software needed to configure the device wirelessly and with wired devices are available on the ij.start.cannon.

What is ij.start. Cannon?

If you have purchased a Canon printer, then you have made the smart choice. However, to get your printer device running and functioning smoothly, users must visit Ij.start.cannon. This is the default and the reliable source to download and install the printer drivers on your Windows or Mac computer. On this page, you may find directions for obtaining and installing printer drivers. Therefore, all you need to do is follow your gadget’s instructions. Apart from that, ij.start.canon offers full customer support and software upgrades for Canon printers.

Following the setup procedure, let’s complete the configuration process utilizing ij.start.cannon and then install the Canon Printer drivers.

Select Your IJ Start Canon Model

Steps to Configure the Canon Printer Hardware?

Installing the hardware is the first step in the Canon printer setup process. Therefore, before downloading and installing the Canon printer driver on your system, you must complete the hardware setup procedure:

First, carefully unpack your printer out of its packaging.

Note: Be sure to take out any plastic wrapping and taping from inside, and do not exert force while unpacking as it may damage or scratch the device.

Once it has been unpacked, connect your printer to the power source using the cord that comes with the device.

Next, power on your Canon printer after that.

To change your selections for language, time, date, and location, go to the control panel.

Lastly, add the paper and cartridge gently.

To proceed further for Canon printer setup on Windows and Mac devices, go to the official website, ij.start.Canon, and follow the directions below:

Search For Your Drivers

To Get Started

canon printer drivers

Procedure to Download Canon Printer Drivers?

The next vital step is downloading the Canon printer drivers after configuring your printer hardware. Canon printer drivers are a piece of system software that allows your computer and printer to communicate. It transforms instructions given by your operating system or application software into a form or language that your printer can understand, enabling it to react to those instructions as intended. They, therefore, enable the entire operation of your printer. Look at the following steps for a thorough walk-through of the procedure.

Access any updated web browser

For the driver download procedure, start by accessing your PC or laptop. In that, open the default or any updated web browser, including Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari (for Mac).

open web browser

Visit the Setup Website

Next, in the address bar of that web browser, insert “https://ij.start.cannon” and click to continue. It will direct you to the website, where you can download the updated Canon printer drivers and software versions.

visit ij.start.cannon

Click the "Set Up" Option

Once you land on the website’s home screen, you will see four options to access different information. Select or pick the “Set Up (Start Here)” option.

Search the Canon Printer Driver

After that, you will be directed to the product page. Furthermore, on that page, a field will appear, asking you to provide the model or the serial number of your printer. Thus, enter the printer’s required details and press enter.

search product

Download Canon Printers Drivers

You will then be taken to a page with links to download drivers on your system. Now select the “OS” based on its compatibility with your system, and the download page will appear. Now, you must choose “Download.” After that, a new screen prompt will appear, asking you to select “Save” or “Save As.” Select one, and the download will start.

Download Compatibility Of Driver

Setup for Windows Users

The Canon Printer Setup procedure for Windows-based devices is covered in this section. Additionally, it informs consumers of the device’s Windows OS compatibility. Up to and including Windows 7 (SP1 with 32-bit and 64-bit machines other than Starter Edition) (and up to Windows 11 with version 1607 and anything above), every version of Windows functions without a hitch. Now, to set up your canon printer, follow the below simple directions. 

Start by visiting the printer’s official website at “HTTPS/ij.start.canon” and download all of the required drivers.

Next, install the drivers after downloading them, then choose “USB connection” from the menu.

Now put “Control Panel” into the search bar on your Windows desktop or laptop.

Please open it and make the following choices: Add a Printer, option found under Control Panel > Devices & Printers.

The linked Canon printer will show up on the screen after you select the “Add a printer” option, along with a confirmation that your device is connected to the printer through a USB cable.

Thus, to add the Canon printer to the list of printers, tap on your printer device option.

Finally, the printer choice will show up on your computer’s screen, indicating that the printer has been successfully installed.

Setup for Mac Users

Mac OS- The Mac versions that work perfectly are 10.14, 10.13, v10.12, and OS X v10.11.

Users of Mac systems can use this part to finish setting up their Canon printer and adequately install the driver. Therefore, carefully follow the below instructions:

Get all the necessary drivers by first visiting the “HTTPS /ij.start.canon” page on the official Canon website.

Install them next to continue the process.

Now, to access “System Preferences,” you must click the “Apple” logo in the top right corner of your Mac OS device.

After entering the system settings, next select “Printer & Scanners” from the menu. 

After selecting that option, click the “+” sign in the “Printers & Scanners” section to add a new device.

A pop-up window displaying all the nearby printers will appear.

As a result, pick your Canon printer and then wait for a few seconds while the connection is under process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What am I going to need in order to set up my Canon printer?

Make sure you have a robust and active Internet connection, a modem or router that would aid you later in setting up a Wi-Fi connection, check that the computer you are using has enough free space for installing the print drivers, and last but not least, the available router should support a second WPS connection.

2. How to download Canon printer drivers from ij.start.canon?

Installation requires the http://ij.start.canon website and a simple Canon printer driver installer kit. Follow the directions from the above once the installation has been configured on your PC or laptop.

3. How do I connect a Canon printer to a computer using a USB?

Install the most recent drivers and software for the Canon printer after connecting the USB cable between the computer and printer. It will be immediately connected. You must thus follow the instructions given above.

4. How can I fix the "Printer not recognized" issue?

This issue may occur during the ij.start.canon setup because of a loose USB cable connection or a lost WiFi connection. So, if the cable is broken and damaged, check it and use another one. The wireless network should then be reconnected using your Canon printer.

5. How do I set up my Canon PIXMA iP87 printer?

You won't need to worry because the instructions above will guide you through it. The download and installation procedures for drivers for all Canon printers are now largely uniform. To install the printer, follow the setup instructions and the link above to obtain the most recent PIXMA iP87 driver.